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Frustrated with not being able to find answers to your health concerns? Dr. David Boynton will determine the underlying root cause of your symptoms and create a personalized plan designed to restore you to optimal health so you can get back to enjoying your life and no longer have to continue to remain in despair and confusion.

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Titled Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. On the left side is picture of normal thyroid with those words under it. On the right side is picture of larger, red, inflamed thyroid with the words inflamed thyroid

Hashimoto's Autoimmunity is an autoimmune condition which affects the thyroid gland due to an over activation of your body’s immune system. Hashimoto’s is very under diagnosed autoimmune condition and there are no good medications for this condition. Most medical doctors only measure your TSH only and often they do not measure your thyroid antibodies. A critical piece in dealing with any autoimmune condition is your diet. Any patient with any autoimmune condition must be gluten-free and dairy free. Gluten has (molecular mimicry) with the thyroid tissue. Which means every time you eat gluten your body will attack your thyroid. Balancing your immune system is more important than treating your thyroid problem. 

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