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Bacteria did not exist until the discovery of the microscope in 1676 by a Dutch microscopist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Doctors thought it was foolish to wash their hands prior to delivering a child or prior to surgery. Our modern society would be horrified to think of not washing hands prior to anything. 

When someone has an elevation bacterium, their White Blood Cells (WBC) will be elevated and could have a fever. Elevated monocytes, lymphocytes and neutrophils can also indicate an acute bacterial infection. Most American’s are trained from an early age to seek medical attention when they are sick and want to treat a bacterial infection with an antibiotic.

Those of us who are naturally minded and wish to not use an antibiotic will turn to oregano oil, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, probiotics.

Proper balance of bacteria is important. There are more bacteria in the body than cells with an estimated 100 trillion bacteria and an estimated 30-40 trillion cells. Proper balance in the key. We call this balance homeostasis.

A CBC is an appropriate test to determine if you have an acute infection and your WCB will be elevated. A low WBC typically indicates a weakened immune system from a chronic stressor which can be bacteria, virus, parasite, yeast, inflammation, or nutrient deficiency. Looking a compliment profile of CD4, CD8, IL 4, IL 6, are better indicators of a chronic immune burden.

Collage of 12 different bacteria, some are in black-white, some green, others are blue. Some of bacteria are circular, some lines, and others are cylinder shaped.
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