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Frustrated with not being able to find answers to your health concerns? Dr. David Boynton will determine the underlying root cause of your symptoms and create a personalized plan designed to restore you to optimal health so you can get back to enjoying your life and no longer have to continue to remain in despair and confusion.

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A condition which affects the density in the bones of the body. This condition commonly affects post-menopausal women. There are many causes of osteoporosis and it is not lack of calcium. Lack of stomach acid, thyroid problems, and hormone imbalance are a few underlying causes.

Osteopenia is a pre cursor to osteoporosis. Identifying osteopenia is important and is much easier to resolve. The goal is to not allow this condition to worsen and turn into osteoporosis. Identifying the root cause is the most important factor to determine.

There are Functional Medicine tests which can be ran to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

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Graph of male and female done density over different ages. Women graph is in red, peaks in 20-40's then drops sharply around 50-60s due to menopause. Then male is in blue with a slow decline
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