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Leaky Brain

Frustrated with not being able to find answers to your health concerns? Dr. David Boynton will determine the underlying root cause of your symptoms and create a personalized plan designed to restore you to optimal health so you can get back to enjoying your life and no longer have to continue to remain in despair and confusion.

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Leaky Brain graphic, red brain that looks inflamed.

Leaky Brain is not a commonly known term in the medical world. Leaky Brain is where there is a compromise in the blood brain barrier which allows particles in the blood to get into the brain and create inflammation. This neuronal inflammation is the cause of many cognitive problems.

As food particles leak into the body through a leaky gut and a leaky lung, they circulate in the blood stream and make their way into the brain. This is why when you you get a headache shortly after eating foods you have sensitivities to.

I have never treated an autistic child who doesn't also have leaky brain due to gut hyperpermeability (leaky gut). Other symptoms of having a leaky brain are headache after eating, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder among others.

There are Functional Medicine tests which can be ran to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

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